Kakao Mischa. (M)ein neuer Kakao: Der Piura Blanco

By a lucky coincidence, I came across Jan from Original Beans and since then I have been regularly inspired by his work. In him I have found a true Kakao connoisseur from whom I can learn so much. With his Original Beans project, he has made it his mission to seek out the rarest and finest Kakao in the world and save them from extinction.

A truly noble task that involves many obstacles and adventures, as I was privileged to learn from him.

This is exactly how Jan came into contact with the Norandino organic cooperative in northern Peru, which has managed to preserve the rare Piura Blanco variety as far as possible in its origins. Among experts, it is believed that the Piura Blanco is an albino among cacao, which has survived the extreme droughts in the Piura Valley through genetic mutation.

The cacao trees are located in a dry forest and get their water from mountain streams that flow down from the Andean region.

Personally, I was excited by the depth of flavor and intensity of effect in this cacao. Biting into the first bean, I tasted that something was "different" about this cacao. The pecan note in the finish was then on top.

From my sewing box:

I love Kakao! And I'm always thirsting to try new Kakaos and pass the best ones on to you. Finally, I have found a partner in my project, namely Jan from Original Beans, who ensures that everything is done legally on the "other side" - i.e. in the growing countries - and that both nature and people are respected. As soon as it is possible again, I intend to visit the projects myself. And of course I will take you with me ;-)

Through this direct contact I now also have the opportunity to support exactly the region and population from which the Kakao originates by selling Kakao with donations. This is my plan for the work with the Piura Blanco. But I don't want to give too much away yet...

Now it's time to try out roasting profiles, grinding times and, of course, professional cacao sipping. Here are a few key facts about Piura Blanco, its history and the growing region.

At the beginning of April, for example, the Piura Blanco will be available in my store. It will replace the Belizean for a time until the new shipment finds its way to me. I'm incredibly excited to hear what you think of the cacao!

Man, is the Kakao world exciting..... 
In joy <3
your Mischa

Written by Mischa Levit
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