The magic of our cocoa beans

You should know that we only stock cocoas that have a distinctive taste profile and unique, ancient genetics, making your cocoa experience unforgettable. But they also work their magic behind the scenes.

On this page I will tell you about the inside of our beans as well as the external conditions from which they arise and the values ​​we cultivate through them.

Put on your goggles because we're going diving!

Selection of cacao varieties: inside and out

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a soft spot for the special and the extraordinary. Ultimately, that was the reason that made me travel to South America for the first time. The deep desire to discover something new and revolutionary. So it will come as no surprise that I focus on exactly these qualities when selecting our cacao varieties. Quality over quantity.


Behind the scenes, our beans work wonders, protecting thousands of hectares of rainforest and dry forest every year, where our trees, some of which are ancient, grow and bear fruit all year round.

We send signals through prices paid that are stable and significantly higher than the Fairtrade world market price. We show the indigenous farming families the value of their old, endangered cacao varieties and the significance of sustainable, biodiverse cultivation methods. Free of pesticides, herbicides and in harmony with the prevailing nature.

But how do we ensure that our beans meet these criteria and are as good for the world as they are for ourselves?

Quality criteria

We have Original Beans as a fantastic partner at our side, who specializes in providing the best possible support, training and support to local farmers. Biodiverse cultivation methods , gentle processing and climate-positive transport of the beans are also among the specialties of this pioneering company, among many others.


We always have the honor of being on site with Jan from Original Beans, visiting farming families, staying with them and speaking to them. Highlights such as handing over fine chocolate bars made from indigenous cacao still move me to tears today. Inspiring experiences that remind me of the impact our consumption has on the entire world. You can find our cocoa adventures in South America in the blog and on Instagram .

If you choose our cacao, you are choosing appreciation, transparency and cooperation - both internally and externally.

Piura Blanco

A massive, biodiverse dry forest in northern Peru, irrigated solely by the rushing Andean streams and managed by the Norandino organic cooperative. An award-winning albino cacao that will make every cell in your body vibrate and clear and calm your mind.

Find out the details of this unique bean, which is already available in our shop , in this PDF .

Kakao Mischa Kakaoproduktion
Kakao Mischa Kakaoproduktion


Traded directly with the indigenous people of Colombia's Sierra Nevada. Cultivated and harvested in deep connection with Mother Earth, always in the service of bringing together the polarities.

A cocoa with enormous symbolism, sublime and grounded - like the tribe members themselves.

Here the facts about this legendary cocoa.


Genetically proven to be the oldest type of cocoa on this planet. Grown in agroforestry systems and cocoa forests near Quillabamba, Perú.

Ancient tradition meets incomparable quality here. The mild, floral taste brings you a treat in your cup.

Here the facts about this legendary cocoa.


This cocoa comes to us from the depths of the Ecuadorian jungle. Sourced directly from two indigenous communities, Chachi & Monobravo, this cocoa gives us their joy and confidence. Processed by us in our sacred factory halls, from the raw cocoa bean to the pure cocoa mass.

You want to know what happens next?

In an entertaining narrative, you can follow the journey of one of our cocoa beans and get a feel for the process that is necessary for the cocoa to end up in your cup so that you can sip it with pleasure.