Piura Blanco

A massive, species-rich dry forest in the north of Peru, irrigated solely by rushing Andean streams and managed by small farmers from the Norandino organic cooperative. An award-winning albino cocoa that will vibrate your every cell and leave your mind clear and calm.

Impact Affirmations
intense, powerful, moving, opening, creative.

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About the Piura Blanco bean

Name : Piura Blanco

Origin : From the villages of Paimas, Puerta Palache and Las Lomas in the valley of San Lorenzo Valley, at the foothills of the Sierra Piura, in the Piura Valley region, Peru.

Tasting Notes : Cherry. Raspberry. Pecan.

Certifications : Organic

Traceability : Complete

Partner : Original Beans

I was there.

Before I was allowed to visit the cocoa project in the Piura Valley, I immediately noticed this cocoa because of its fruity note and its powerful effect.

During my visit to the site, I realized again what it was that captivated me about Piura Cocoa.

You can read about what it was like when he came to us in my blog. Have fun reading and being amazed!