Arhuaco: La Lengueta

Traded directly with the indigenous people of Colombia's Sierra Nevada. Cultivated and harvested in deep connection with Mother Earth, always in the service of bringing together the polarities.

A cocoa with enormous symbolism, sublime and grounded - like the tribe members themselves.

Kakao Mischa Kakaoproduktion

About the Arhuaco bean

Name : La Lengueta

Origin : La Lengüeta, Caribbean coast of the Sierra Nevadade Santa Marta, northern Colombia

Taste : Warm depth and gentle aromas of sweet spices, lemongrass, licorice and sesame.

Certifications : Organically grown but not certified

Traceability : Complete

Partner : Original Beans

We have been there.

Our time with the Arhuaco Indians was very meaningful and uplifting. So much so that it didn't give me a second thought to add this special cocoa to our range.

I wrote a blog entry about our time in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia.

Have fun reading and being amazed!