Surrounded by the eternal spring of the Urubamba Valley near Cusco, this genetically proven oldest cocoa on earth gives its farmers income, culture and joy.

It was a pleasure for me, Mischa, to visit this region with its vibrant cocoa culture and have kept it in my heart ever since.

Affirmations of effectiveness
light, gentle, flowery, sublime

About the Chuncho Bean

Name : Chuncho Urusayhua

Origin : Urubamba Valley, known as the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco Region, Perú.

Tasting notes : Dried flowers, cut grass, dried fruits and honey.

Certifications : Organic

Traceability : Complete

Partner : Original Beans

I was there.

Despite the many cocoa projects that I have been able to explore so far, the Chuncho cocoa area around Quillabamba has brought an eternal smile to my heart.

The spring-like weather, the joyful people and the ancient cocoa trees. I look back fondly on this time. Preferably with a cup of this light cocoa.

In my blog I write about Chuncho cocoa and how it enchanted me.

Have fun reading and being amazed.