The preparation ritual

For many, ritual cacao is a new and surprising raw material. Its preparation is not complicated. And as with any new beginning, there is a lot to discover, learn and mess up. At the same time, preparing the cacao can be a ritual in itself and put you in the mood for a time of connection, well-being and joy.

Take the time to experience the cocoa with your senses as you prepare it and welcome it into your life. So let's get started!

Kakao Mischa Rohkakao Kakaomasse Ritueller Kakao

step by step

1. Heat about 200ml of water or plant-based milk (my favorite: oat milk)

2. Grind the cocoa mass

3. Weigh 20-25g for an everyday cup and 30g for a ritual cup

4. Dissolve the cocoa mass in the warm liquid. Stirring helps!

5. Season your cocoa as you like

6. Take your time, feel and enjoy your cocoa


Preparation of ceremonial cocoa

A wonderful compilation of sensuality surrounding the preparation of cocoa.

Once again in detail for cacao lovers

1. Heat water or a plant-based milk substitute

Feel free to use your cup to measure how much liquid you need. By gently heating it on the lowest setting (1-2), you ensure that all the nutrients in the cacao are preserved and benefit your body and mind.

If possible, the liquid should not boil, otherwise some of the cacao butter will separate from the cacao and form a golden film over the drink. This is neither harmful nor disgusting, but I like my cocoa best without it.

2. Chop the cocoa mass with a knife if you like

By making it smaller, the cacao dissolves more quickly and the dosage is also easier. For a ritual cup, I usually use around 30 grams of brown gold.
For a delicious everyday drinking cacao , it is about 20 - 25 grams.

I prefer not to weigh my cacao. After a few cups you will know how much cocoa your body and mind likes and you may be able to let your gut feel the dosage. To make it easier to handle, I first cut my block into large chunks and fill them into a glass or other airtight container, which presents the cocoa to my guests and me attractively on my kitchen shelf.

3. Gently add the cacao to the hot liquid and give it time to dissolve completely

At first, small lumps will form, which, after constant stirring and stoic patience, will turn into a homogenous, silky drink. The time required for this is perfect for taking a few deep breaths and getting to grips with your intention for your cacao. If you feel too much going on inside you at this moment, I recommend shaking yourself or dancing a little.

For the smooth foam lovers among us: in a heat-resistant mixer, the cocoa can be stirred to an unexpected foaminess. However, this means that the volume loses points. My gut feeling decides on the drinking temperature.

4. Now is the time for spices

The delicate cacao butter is an excellent flavor carrier for spices from all over the world. Be creative and let your intuition guide you through your spice rack. It is particularly useful to add a little black pepper or cayenne pepper to stimulate blood circulation and make your body receptive to the flood of nutrients.

My favorites: lava or sea salt, saffron, cardamom and cinnamon. Don't have time for that? Use gingerbread spice and don't tell anyone!

5. Pour the creation into your favorite cup and make yourself comfortable in a nice place

Connect with your cacao and your intention. Hand it over to it and let all your senses have their say as you drink. Breathe deeply and relax. Your body knows exactly what is good for it and through the cacao you enter into a beautiful, sometimes wild communication.

Cacao can also do wonders in nature, at work or even in the car. The important thing is that you give yourself the space to enjoy it and receive its message.

6. Let the magic happen

Let the cacao work on your mind and body. The next few hours can be filled with ideas, feelings and creativity. So have something to write with ready. Feel your heart space opening and enjoy the feeling of being held. The detoxifying component is more of a background activity.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and listen carefully to your body. Enjoy!

Your own cocoa ceremony

​A ceremony is not hocus-pocus and does not have to be tied to a belief or substance. The ceremony is not something that was invented at some point, but has been celebrated since the dawn of humanity and used to receive , transform and manifest


Will you drink your cocoa with me?

Get to know me over a cocoa and find out how I first encountered cocoa.