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With the power of cocoa across Germany: Michael “Mischa” Levit, an industrial engineer and world traveler, has decided to introduce Germany to pure cocoa. To do this, he spent several months in the tropical regions of Central America and took a close look at the cocoa tree and its surroundings.

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Cocoa Mischa @ AWAKENING MEN Podcast

December 13th, 2023 The path of the heart with Cocoa - Interview with Cocoa Mischa. The power of ceremonial cocoa can be perceived individually by each person. The fact is, however, that cacao has been considered a sacred plant for centuries. There is a lot of knowledge about the cocoa bean, especially on the South American continent. In the new podcast interview I have the awakened man Kakaomischa as a guest. Mischa is a visionary and founder of the company Kakaomischa. Find out in this conversation how Mischa followed his heart's call through travel, life in ancient tribes and working with cocoa.

Cocoa Mischa @ Set and Setting Podcast

April 26, 2023 Under the motto “Every revolution needs a drink,” Kakao Mischa wants to change the world into a loving and heart-open place. With this vision, Mischa brings the healing effects of ceremonial cocoa, which were already used by the Mayans, to people. He visited 12 festivals over a year with his Kakao Mobile to combine his hobbies of cocoa, psychedelics and music.

Kakao Mischa @ Namaste To Go Magazine

February 2023 Mischa, founder of Kakao Mischa, writes about the cocoa bean and happiness.

Kakao Mischa @ Find Paths Podcast

May 2022 Cocoa is a very powerful plant that is thousands of years old. Its ingredients have a heart-opening and calming effect - just the thing when you're just in your head and the carousel of thoughts takes over. A cocoa ceremony can help you relax and get back to yourself. You can do this on a small scale just for yourself or on a more ceremonial basis with like-minded people.

Kakao Mischa @ FeeeL #3 - the magazine for deep talk

March 2021 In the magazine for deep talk with the focus: letting go and new beginnings.

Cocoa Mischa @ TV Main Franconia

01/22/2021 Feelings of happiness and relaxation - From Cocoa Mischa Michael from Eibelstadt.

Cocoa Mischa @ Psychoactive Podcast

December 2020 This episode discusses cacao, its history and cacao ceremonies. Another central point of the episode is what cocoa has to do with set and setting and what you can learn from it when dealing with other substances.

Cocoa Mischa @ Tantric Talks

November 2020 In the current episode, Mischa provides insights into the world of ceremonial cocoa. How it can serve us in the current quality of time. And why the medicinal plant cocoa is an invitation to perceive more consciously, to feel more consciously, to consume more consciously.

Kakao Mischa @ Questions about meaning with Corinna Kehl

August 2020 Today it's all about ceremonial cacao and cacao ceremonies. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love these ceremonies & how much cocoa has given me. Learn how you can use the magic of cocoa to enrich your life.

Kakao Mischa @ zART - the podcast for your creative self-development

May 2020 The secret behind cocoa and its magic. Find out what is actually hidden behind the cocoa. In an interview with Mischa Levit, we take you into the magical world of cocoa and explain to you what cocoa actually is, its traditions and where it comes from. From Grandma's Kaba, to a journey through the world, to cocoa ceremonies.

Cocoa Mischa @ Fine Bean

May 28, 2020 On we always write about fine beans. By that we mean coffee. But there are other fine beans in this world, including cocoa beans. These beans are also roasted and contain interesting active ingredients. To learn a little more about cocoa, we conducted an interview with Mischa from .

Kakao Mischa @ [re]flektion Podcast with Kerstin

May 2020 It's not just about our inner world, but a practical tool on how you can support your own spiritual journey. With ritual raw cocoa, for example the one that my interview guest today, Cocoa Mischa, processes himself. Mischa takes you on his own journey to cocoa and the processing of this plant of the Mayan gods.

Cocoa Mischa @ SPATZ - Magazine for ecology and health

May 2019 Crisp informative post about my matter. Entirely in the spirit of health and sustainability. Write to me for this reference (p.15).

Cocoa Mischa @ LUST FOR GOOD

April 24, 2019 Short article with a lot of pictures and a presentation of my idea and the financing via crowdfunding. If you are interested, I can send the article or the entire magazine (p.46).

Cocoa Mischa @ Würzburg Experience

April 16, 2019 From Würzburg to the jungle and back again with cocoa: Michael from Würzburg, called Mischa by his friends, discovered something on his trip through South America that he wants to share with everyone: cocoa. At first you think that cocoa is nothing new, but Mischa's cocoa is pure, has many healthy properties and gives you power. Mischa now wants to travel across Germany with a food truck and treat everyone to delicious drinks and snacks. In the interview, Kakao Mischa told us more about the plans for his Kakao Truck.