Get to know the team behind Kakao Mischa

What started as a one-man show is now allowed to grow! More and more souls feel called to spread the heart's cocoa message. I am deeply grateful to have these wonderful people on my team and to achieve great things with them. As in the A-Team, everyone in the K-Team has their specialty and a very personal connection to cocoa. Get to know my team here and feel free to get in touch!

Kakao Mischa Kakaobohne

Misha. This is me.

Arrived. People recognize the value of ceremonial Kakao for this time and Mischa accepts his responsibility to share it with the world.

Stories from the Kakaoverse

How warm should I drink my Kakao?

More and more often I'm asked, "Tell me Mischa, how warm should I make my Kakao?" Until a few days ago, I was still throwing around semi-subjective sentence components when asked this question, adding my own preference and finally quoting the "science" I know.

Back in the country.

It feels like it was last week. I packed my things, emptied my room, signed the last flyers and ate my last dinner in our Kakao Community near Würz...

Kakao Yoni

This yoni may accompany you in many ways and above all enrich you.

In the connectedness of your heart, your uterus and your yoni she will support you.

Yes, she can come to you in so many ways, she can find a place in your life.

In the morning, with a cup of Kakao to start the day strengthened, invigorated and clear.

Wieder am Anfang.

Stell dir vor du stehst auf einer saftigen Blumenwiese. Um dich herum summt und piepst es. Alles spürt sich lebendig, sanft und schön an. Oh, und sieh nur, dieser Schmetterling! Wie schön er die Zartheit deines Seins repräsentiert. Die lebendig gewordene Transformation in Schönheit, Anmut und Verletzlichkeit. Früher ma