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Deborah Shirley Cohrs, aka Debby, is a power woman. And also an expert in working together in the digital age. Whether it's social media, communication, design or web design, Debby has the plan. Especially when I don't have one.

Debby's quick and efficient approach allows her to support me both operationally and emotionally. Her thing is strategic planning, orchestration and execution.

Her honest, down-to-earth manner helps me to keep my feet on the ground and to remember what is really important at the moment.

With her on the team, I feel up to any digital challenge and look forward to bringing so much more wonderful things into this world through all possible channels.

As shirleys, Debby helps entrepreneurs and companies to communicate digitally with clarity - with workshops, seminars and consulting.

Do you want to contact Debby? No problem! Visit her at

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