Ceremonial Cacao: Your First Time?

The first time I had ceremonial cacao was in the Peruvian jungle.

I was amazed by its effect and had many questions about how to use it. I'm happy to share the answers with you here in my guide!


A 1-minute cacao journey for your senses

A wonderful compilation of sensuality surrounding the preparation of ceremonial cacao. Enjoy!

Ceremonial cacao for the cup and for the heart

Experience free online cacao ceremonies

We invite you to sip your cacao with us. Look forward to free cocoa ceremonies with Kakao Mischa and experience cocoa in a very special way.

Video course: Cacao Portal

A 9-week online video course with knowledge, shamanism and ceremony content about all dimensions of the cacao plant. The course is aimed at everyone with the aim of encountering cacao in depth and getting to know its roots and facets.


How do I create my own cacao ceremony?

Stories from the cacao universe

Kakao in der Schwangerschaft & Stillzeit

Theobroma cacao wird nicht ohne Grund auch „Mama Kakao“ genannt, denn sie hĂ€lt, trĂ€gt und stĂ€rkt uns auf spiritueller Ebene. Bereits die Mayas nutzten die Kraft von Kakao wĂ€hrend den Geburten, um den Prozess fĂŒr die Frauen zu erleichtern. Kakao kann in das Geburtsritual integriert werden, wenn es sich fĂŒr die Mama stimmig anfĂŒhlt.

How warm should I drink my cocoa?

I'm being asked more and more often: "Tell me, Mischa, how hot should I make my cocoa?" Until a few days ago, I was still throwing around semi-objective sentence structures when answering this question, adding my own preferences and finally quoting the "science" that I know.

Our visit to Esmeraldas, Ecuador

It was not an easy decision to travel shortly before Christmas to the remote cocoa plantations of the Chachi Indians from Esmeraldas, Ecuador. ...

Love goes through the stomach?

And how! Then straight to the heart. Especially when you conjure up something delicious from our heart-opening cocoa 😍

Our jack-of-all-trades Giulia has once again waved her magic wand (and magic dust😉) on all levels.
The cocoa butter melted, the wooden spoons were waved and our magic dust flew around! It was a wild affair, but it was worth it. Because the result is a wonderful recipe for your own chocolate to enjoy and fall in love with đŸ€€
The recipe consists of just a few ingredients, some of which you can even find in our shop, and is super easy to make.