Cocoa has it all!

I first encountered ceremonial Kakao in the Peruvian jungle. At that time I was amazed and had many questions about the application. I'm happy to share the answers with you here in this guide!


Let your heart beat faster and your body cells cheer!

Because Kakao is the world champion in magnesium, gives you a tingling sensation in your stomach through the body’s own messenger substances, creates clarity of thought and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the entire system.

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Kakao Events

Roger used to save people from harm as a rescue vehicle. Today he does it through Kakao and good vibes. Ladies & Gentlemen, may I present you...Roger! (please pronounce in french)

Kakao love

  • I have never received such loving delivery! And the Kakao is wonderful!
  • I'm really excited. From the order to the shipping to the enjoyment, the Kakao and Mischa is something very special. There is so much incredibly great and loving energy coming across. Thank you very much for that. I would not want to buy my Kakao for my Kakao ceremony anywhere else.
  • Wonderful Kakao, very delicious, lovingly and sustainably packaged with a personal greeting! Really a special experience, I immediately gave some of the beautiful tiles to friends. One had already heard of Kakao ceremonies and is now happy to have the right Kakao. Pure happiness! Good luck, Mischa and helpers:)
  • A wonderful buying experience! When you open the package, your heart will open:lovingly packaged with a personal greeting and loving words. The Kakao looks very high quality and appealing and the anticipation of the first cup is immediately there. The Kakao tastes great too. (Of course, in no way comparable to Kaba and Co.) I treated myself to a hot chocolate in the bathtub in a meditative setting and then had a wonderful day in the flow. Today I used the Kakao to make a chocolate nut cream and it tastes delicious. Thank you for this coherent and mood-enhancing shopping experience! I have already recommended you to others and will definitely not stick with this one purchase. Keep it up! Greetings, your Lisa
  • Thank you for the lovingly packaged delivery. When unpacking, I was deeply touched by all your love, which is expressed through the packaging and the small sayings.
  • Bianca H
  • GH
  • Catherine M
  • Lisa S
  • Katy K

How do I create my own Kakao ceremony?

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