A gift from Cocoa Mischa

We cordially invite you on a free cocoa journey: In the online cocoa ceremony, you drink cocoa intentionally to connect with yourself.

Be there and experience the unique effects of cocoa in a heart-opening cocoa ceremony together with the Cocoa Mischa Community.

Special experience

An online cocoa ceremony that allows you to experience Cocoa Mischa's cocoa in a special way. You don't need any previous knowledge, we'll take you by the hand and put a smile on your face.

Easy participation

The cacao ceremonies take place online via Zoom. So all you need is a digital device to participate. It's up to you to decide whether you want to show yourself with your camera.

A gift

Participation in the cocoa ceremony is 100% free. All we ask is your permission to send you heartfelt mail from Kakao Mischa.

Come on board!

As an ambassador for Kakao Mischa, we invite you to become part of the growing Kakao network. Who knows where the journey will take you?