Three components of a Kakao ceremony

A ceremony is not mumbo-jumbo, nor does it have to be tied to any belief or substance. The ceremony is not something that was ever invented, but has been celebrated and used since the beginning of mankind receive , to transform and to manifest .

From my own experience and research, three core components of the ceremony crystallize for me, which can also work wonders in Kakao ceremonies. I am only too happy to share this with you.

1. Intention - Inner Alignment

This is the compass for the ritual. Just as a captain sets the course for a ship and steers towards his goal over waves, so by choosing a personal intention, your own life can be steered into the paths that you consider right and important.

The cacao serves as a transmitter of your desire by aligning you with your heart and creating an authentic connection between your mind and your core, your purpose. Once your mind and heart are on the same wavelength, the world opens up to you. Manifestation is then only a matter of time.

So Captain, where is the journey going??

2. Ritual - Environment & Implementation

Nobody can determine what a ritual should look like. Every person and every culture has its own needs and customs. Thus, the performed ritual can take any form and color. In my experience, rituals are most effective when they are permeated with acceptance and gratitude, giving participants a sense of security and community. A nice and comfortable environment is clearly an advantage. Expectations can be lovingly taken by the hand and led outside.

In a Kakao ceremony, Kakao is drunk intentionally. Point. Nothing more is certain. Thus, a Kakao ceremony gives you a lot of leeway to direct the energizing and inspiring effect of Kakao in the direction that feels right for you. Whether there is singing, dancing, speaking or meditating depends entirely on the hearts that gather around the Kakao.

What does an authentic Kakao ceremony look like for you Where does it take place Who do you invite You decide......

3. Impact - Influence & Potential

By now you should be familiar with the fact that Kakao has an effect. It never ceases to amaze me that this effect can be increased through intention and ritual.

My explanation for this is that the Kakao unfolds its effect to the extent that we give it space. And a Kakao ceremony is a clearly defined space that we only allow ourselves in combination with Kakao. Without expecting anything, we allow ourselves to be drawn into the effect of this wonderful plant and let it do its work, so that we can then leave the ritual space strengthened and inspired.

Where do you wish to connect more with yourself Who do you want to deepen your connection with? 

For mixed

the Kakao ceremony, along with other small and large rituals, is now one of my favorite pastimes. Whether alone or with friends - she gives me the opportunity to open up and actively trust that the goals I set myself will find their way into my reality. Morning, noon, evening and sometimes even late at night...

Where do you let your heart and Mama Kakao lead you to?

Kakao Mischa Atzteken

Have I aroused your curiosity?

All my words could never replace the felt experience that ceremonial cocoa can give you.

Therefore, I invite you from the bottom of my heart to taste this delicious medicine. Who knows, maybe it will change your life as well?