Cocoa shell incense

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☀ Wenn das Thermometer ĂŒber 25°C klettert, können wir dir nicht versprechen, dass dein Kakao die Reise ungeschmolzen ĂŒbersteht und heil bei dir ankommt.

Fresh cocoa shells - incense

When smoked, cocoa shells give us a warm, spicy scent with a hint of cocoa. We feel comforted, held and gently euphoric. They also work very well in combination with other incense. Resins in particular round off their spicy scent well.

In addition, the shells are ideal as a plant substrate instead of bark mulch to loosen the soil and provide it with plenty of important minerals. PH-neutral and snail-repellent, they complement the work of hobby and balcony gardeners.

Important Note:

These cocoa shells are not classified as food and are therefore not intended for consumption.


Fabulous picture by Lia - Lia Lohrer Photography