Cocoa in bulk for space holders

For Kakao Mischa ambassadors, we offer our ceremonial cocoa mass in 5kg blocks. You don't see any products? Then log in or apply to be an ambassador with us.

Become an ambassador

Do you need lots and lots of cacao for your ceremonies? Then our cacao tribe is the right place for you. You get access to ceremonial cacao in bulk and many other benefits, such as an exclusive 10% discount code for your community.

Cocoa mass for further processing

Would you like to further process our cocoa? Let's develop a concept together and benefit from our industry knowledge.

Ceremonial cocoa in gastronomy

Heart-opening ceremonial cacao in your shop or café: Use our cacao to create euphoric foods and drinks.

Ceremonial cocoa for business customers

Cocoa Mischa for your team, customers or business partners? Get our products at a special price.

Cocoa mass from Kakao Mischa

Our ceremonial cocoa mass is lovingly processed by hand for you in Neubrunn near Würzburg. After personal trips to the cocoa farmers in South America, the cocoa beans reach the factory and look forward to their onward journey to your hands.