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Hello dear seekers!

Kakao Mischa is a rapidly growing, lively company in which new challenges, fields of work and playgrounds open up every day.

We work together with authenticity, openness and respect our own boundaries and those of each other.

Sounds good?

Then here you have a list of the currently open positions on our ship. Alternatively, you are welcome to write a short, creative unsolicited application.

Cocoa fee: rich for manufacturing and/or shipping - part-time or mini-job

In our holy halls in Neubrunn near W├╝rzburg we are looking for reliable, structured and loving hands.

Pay well above the minimum wage as well as a sense of community and a monthly cocoa quota are required.

We cannot currently offer living space. However, this may change soon. ;)

Kakao Truck Manager

Do you love festivals and the freedom they create?

Do you enjoy contributing to these and taking responsibility for a team?

Then the Cocoa Truck could be just the thing for you.

What you bring with you:

  • Experience in organizing and implementing gastronomy/events/festivals
  • Driving license C1 up to 7.5t (can be made up for if necessary)
  • High stress resistance, solution orientation & physical resilience
  • Stable sleep even in noisy surroundings

In this season-based job, you are responsible for the planning, execution and follow-up of the Cocoa Truck at various festivals.

Payment is commission-based (upon agreement).


Not the right one yet?

If you feel that your unique skills are absolutely needed at Kakao Mischa, please do not hesitate to submit a short, creative unsolicited application to send.

Regardless, I would be very happy if you came on board as an ambassador and we could work together on this path.