Cocoa Shells - Tea & Incense

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Fresh cocoa shells - incense

Smoked, cocoa shells give us a warm, spicy scent with a hint of cocoa. We feel comforted, held and gently euphoric. They also work very well in combination with other incense. Resins in particular round off their spicy scent well.

In addition, the shells are ideal as a plant substrate instead of bark mulch to loosen up the soil and provide it with plenty of important minerals. PH-neutral and snail-repellent, they complement the hobby and balcony gardeners in their work.

The unique bean of the variety is found in remote dry forests in northern Perú Piura Blanco their way to us in the manufactory. Discovered nowhere else in the world, this bean with its light color is one of the mighty and wise great-grandmothers of cocoa. Not to mention the taste.

Grown in sophisticated and rediscovered agroforestry systems, these cacao shells bring joy along its entire value chain.

They are happy:
  1. The species-rich dry forest, which is protected by its organic cultivation.
  2. The farmers, which are paid well above the FairTrade world market price and without price fluctuations.
  3. The Environment through climate-positive, gentle cultivation and transport.
  4. Wewho are allowed to process it lovingly and with deep gratitude in our manufactory.
  5. You, when it finally lands in your favorite cup and makes your heart smile.
  6. your loved ones, as soon as they learn from you what wondrous turn your life has taken since this cocoa enriched your life.

As you may have heard, cocoa is a raw material that has been carefully cultivated and celebrated by mankind for thousands of years. He is at home in rituals, prayers and meditation. And not only does he look good...

Our cocoa shells are:
  • 100% sustainably grown, single-variety cocoa beans
  • Biodynamically grown on family farms
  • carefully processed by hand & sustainably packaged by us
  • made with deep gratitude and devotion
  • gluten, sugar and lactose free
  • ideal for a ketogenic diet

    Far beyond national borders, brothers and sisters use our cocoa for rituals, coaching, performance and energy work. Open yourself to its effect and experience what it means to feel yourself, to be in the flow and to arrive at yourself.

     These cocoa shells are not classified as food and are therefore not intended for consumption.

    Fabulous picture and staging by Lia - Lia Lohrer photography.