Aloha - Create your own magic

Stiny sparkles like the rising sun on the calm water.

Like a fairy, she spreads her magic dust wherever her path takes her. All the better that her path has led her directly to the heart of our cocoa factory. Like a magician, she came fluttering into our nest at just the right moment and saved us from the fairy bottleneck.

With her lively, alert and life-affirming nature, Stiny is a true blessing for the people around her. I have rarely seen a person with so much devotion to life, love and cocoa.

It feels to me as if Stiny was the missing piece of the puzzle that got lost somewhere in the far north and is now finally back to his fairytale puzzle. And you probably know the satisfying feeling of filling in a missing puzzle piece. That's pretty much what Stiny's presence feels like - all the time.

As you can see, I can hardly express my joy that Stiny has become part of the family, the hype and the rollercoaster ride and I am so grateful for her support and her work.

And that is just the beginning.

Would you like to dive deeper with Stiny and experience her online or live? Then write to her here - she will be as happy as a snow queen.

Enough research?

Dive deeper into our colorful cocoa world and let my blog take you on a geographical, emotional and ecstatic journey.

Are you ready for the next adventure?

Kakao Mischa Kakaogeschichte