Love is the answer to all questions

Imagine a little bird flying around you and sitting gently on your shoulder. And as it sits there, you wonder where this little bird has been all your previous life.

That's pretty much what happened with Sera and my weakness. Recruited from the community for the smallest mini-job in the world, this jack-of-all-trades is allowed to explore, accompany and enrich just so many areas at Kakao Mischa.

With her understanding look, no task is too difficult for her and no field is hidden. You'd think she was from another planet.

But that doesn't matter!

The only important thing is that Sera, with her kindness and her gifts, nestles up with Cocoa Mischa, like a cat on the still warm fireplace.

It is a blessing to have Sera, with her carefree attitude and hyper-flexibility, aboard our ship wherever it may sail.

If you want to contact Sera, just write to her on Instagram at @seramadre or by email at .

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