Es war einmal eine peruanische Kakaobohne...

Hello you big heart!Today I want to tell you a story. It is about a Peruvian Kakao bean. Or even better: She tells you her story herself...

It's dark, wet and sticky. It's tight around me. And somehow I think that's beautiful. To be surrounded by white sweet pulp. Packed side by side with my brothers and sisters. Nothing can separate us! or?

One day, in January I believe, everything should change. It was a wonderfully sunny morning in the large and biodiverse dry forest of the Piura Valley in northern Peru. The morning my sweetness and maturity peaked. Finally! I've been waiting for this moment for almost half a year. YES!

"How on earth am I going to get any tastier from now on?" I wondered. And thankfully, I never had to answer that question. My path should be completely different. Full of exciting stops, journeys and heartbreaking moments. But more on that later!!

I wake up from my daydreams and feel something.

The rhythmic vibration of footsteps spread through my mother tree. Four adults, two children and a dog. Over the months on the tree, I was able to develop a pretty good sense of who is hanging around here in our area.

Clearly: people! The footsteps came closer and laughter broke out. Is there something to celebrate Did I miss a joke Again!r?!

I feel the step vibrations and they all move towards me. My fruit skin, which is about two centimeters thick, prevents me from seeing anything. I'm happy to accept that, because it has offered me protection and security since I was born. A certainty that I wouldn't want to give up for any price in the world! Very close to me and my tree, the striders stop on the leaf-covered forest floor. I'm getting scared.

What if they came for me I'm getting nervous, starting to sweat. I try to nudge one of my siblings with my non-existent elbow for advice. No reaction!! What's happening here Hello!?!

My mother tree starts to wobble and my sweet cocoon with it. My fruity home swings significantly from side to side. An earthquake! I am getting dizzy....

BOOM! I hear a crash! And another, and another... Getting closer to me. And suddenly it hit me!

The cacao pod, which has always hung at an angle from my mother tree, is in free fall! As if in slow motion, I hear my siblings cheering. That might seem good for them, but don't they see the danger

We hit the ground. Thanks to the thick shell and our compact seating arrangement, nothing happens to me or my fellow beans. Only a slight shock sits in my fruit pulp. "The worst is over now!" I tell myself. My eye twitches nervously.

But it was about to get even worse.

A warm hand reaches for my home and lifts us into the air. What is she up to? Is she kind to me CRACK! My beloved fruit bowl takes a hit. CRACK! And one more. Suddenly I see light! Stop, I can see Apparently already! Oh my god, and I thought I was born blind. Fascinating! Woooooow........

It was getting lighter and brighter around me. And suddenly I saw it - the jungle! So incredibly green and juicy. Boy Boy! Ah, and that's what people look like. Ha, I thought they were bigger with the noise they always make here in the jungle. One of them is holding me and my Schotenfamily. In the other he has a knife, which he probably wants with it. I hope only good things! That was my last thought. Then I passed out. Quite a lot of change in a very short time for such a fine bean as I am. Because I belong to a very rare breed that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. What distinguishes me above all is my light complexion and a very fine taste. Experts say it's a wild dance of pecan, cherry and raspberry. And at the same time I'm so low in acid that I cut a good figure in the alkaline treatment..

But back to my adventure! I go through quite a journey when I faint, I was told afterwards. It's a shame that I wasn't able to experience them fully consciously. First of all, the climate-friendly transport through the jungle. Then the fermentation and the trip across the Atlantic. The latter was probably rather boring, so it probably wasn't that bad to sleep through. Only in the port of Amsterdam do I regain my senses. Woken up by the shouts of euphoric dockworkers. I find myself in a gigantic, translucent sack. Surrounded by countless other sacks full of organic Kakao beans like me. Yippee! I realize the purpose of this journey. The old, wise beans have always told of this fate, which only befalls the tastiest Kakao beans. Legend has it that those who shine the most beautifully and taste the richest find their way across the pond. Next, they said, these chosen beans are taken to a very special place. The manufacture.

I can still remember that last word - The manufacture - has always been uttered most dramatically by the ancients and wise. Almost in awe. Beautiful fairy tale, I used to think... Should that be my destiny, am I one of the chosen ones But am I not just a completely normal, not even that special bean One of many Do I deserve this fame at all And what if I disappoint someone When I'm underqualified 1000 thoughts ran through my bean head. One worse than the other and all by no means helpful. Eventually, after examining each doubt from all sides six times, I realized that my intellectual flair was in no way contributing to my situation. The fact was: I am on my way to a very special place. To thet. Dem Shangri La the Kakao beans. Somewhere in the depths of Lower Franconia, so says the legend. And what can I do about it? Absolutely nothing. Nada. never. So what to do Then probably exactly that: Namely nothing.s.

So I now spend the rest of my odyssey doing nothing professionally. With the ancient ChineseWu Weicalled.The Art of Not Doing in English. Easier said than done, because anyone who has ever tried doing nothing for a long time quickly realizes how unusual and impossible it is. How deep the patterns of doing and doing are in us. After all, there is always something to do. Always an expectation to live up to. If not yours, then at least someone else's.

After the first, biological transformation through fermentation and drying, I now experienced my second transformation. that of my mind. The awareness of my inner world, my thoughts and feelings. A world of its own, with mountains of movement and valleys of calm. Filled with lakes of tears and forests of love. Here and there a bird of ecstasy chirps, echoing to the fields of hope, where each year the fruits of gratitude are reaped anew. Sown with confidence in tomorrow and grown with devotion to the moment. On my journey through Holland and Germany, a deep understanding overtakes me. For me, my fellow beans and the whole world in all its complexity. With the ultimate realization that it took this incredibly unlikely set of circumstances to bring me to this unique point in Kakao bean history. This conclusion gave me courage to face my further adventure with an uplifted shell and an open heart. In order to give the course of things the chance to turn this short life of the bean into a firework of uniqueness. All signs point to letting go and it is with this feeling that I reach my destination - The manufacture .

What the old folks forgot to tell was this suspiciously good-humored guy who welcomed me and my bean family. He had this look on his face like, "Oh yeah, you're finally here!". I didn't feel comfortable with that and that was okay. I've learned to deal with my emotions. Huiuiui.... We got a few welcoming words and nice, rhythmic music on our ears. Now and then the mysterious stranger even performed a dance for us. Shouldn't have been because of me, but it definitely didn't bother me either. After a short time I noticed that more and more of my siblings were being taken out of their nice, warm jute sack. The rumor circulated that it was gently roasted, which I was soon able to experience for myself on my own bowl. And how that smelled! It reminded me a little of the movie Chocolat with Johnny Depp. Just a little less French. The roast turns out to be just 20 minutes of soaking in fairly hot air. Sauna is probably more appropriate! The process of so-called homogenization then began. Becoming one was announced. Out of the shell and from coarse to small. Until I found myself in a liquid, creamy and, above all, delicious mass. I like to call it Universe or Kakao Consciousness. Within this mass there was no form. No you and me, just being. Very calming and kind of cool. It was clear to me that I (=the universe) could not stay liquid forever. Everything is changing - so is my way of life. That's how it happened that I found my temporary figure at freshen 7C. In the form of sacred geometry..

Blessed with the talent to bring the consciousness I now embodied to the people, I was ready. Ready to taste. ready to act. ready to feed. Ready to merge. I knew it could take a week at most to reach the exact person who needs me, appreciates me, and needs help with their transformation. And that's exactly how it should be. But the story of human transformation is quite different. And not for today either. I can only say one thing in advance - bean or human - there is no better time to be on this planet than now. And above all, there is no other time to understand exactly this than NOW. So I invite you, Kakao bean, to feel that. Maybe with a delicious and conscious Kakao drink of your choice.
Written by Mischa Levit
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