Bist du nicht der Kakao Mischa?

Today I share with you the personal story of a love relationship. 

It's about the relationship between Mischa and Cocoa Mischa.

Because you know, before my trip with Cocoa, I was already a Misha. I was called the Concrete Mischa, the Cards Mischa and sometimes I was also the Ein Mischa. Otherwise I was just Misha.

“Hihi, haha” you might think to yourself, similar to my cronies back then. That's why it was obvious that when I decided to dedicate myself to cocoa, I became Cocoa Mischa.


I reap what I sow.

So I gave my vision the space to fully take over me. 
I read, talked, drank, dreamed and breathed cocoa. It felt so good to have found this one thing and to be completely absorbed in it.
To merge with her.
Wherever I went, I went with Cocoa, talked about her and put myself at her service.
What was once my bank account became hers. With full confidence that this sacred tree could only bear fruit if I sacrificed everything to it, including myself.
Maybe you'll notice what's happening...

I became so caught up in my vision that I forgot to eat, sleep, or feel myself. I felt mixed as a channel that just had to work. A conduit that needs to be strong and tight enough to allow Mama Cocoa to flow through her and into the world.
The universe aka God spoke and gifted me with the experience of achieving my goal and still not being fulfilled.
And only with the certainty that Cocoa Mischa continues to exist, even if Mischa takes a short break, could polarity arise again from unity. Because thanks to Cocoa Mischa, I realized what a gift it is to be able to be Mischa.
I realized that cocoa could also be a channel for mixing,
like me for you.
And only when I found the yin in the yang did the river arise. Like two jugs that alternately pour into each other, knowing that they will be filled again and thus able to give again.

So I sat there.

In front of the cocoa truck at the festival, I was in intimate company with my hot goddess and enjoyed my falafel as cocoa-thirsty souls approached. 

I immediately felt the attention on me and was not surprised when I was suddenly spoken to.

“You’re Cocoa Mischa, right?”

Anka and I prepared to leave, realizing again that the room we were in was dedicated to Cocoa Misha. Different rules and customs applied. And just like my falafel wrap, I was on display.

Am I really Cocoa Mischa?


I replied quietly and we left the scenario.

Sometimes I slip into this role
and sometimes I choose not to.
Sometimes I'm just Misha.
And sometimes even he doesn't know
who he actually is.

What a beautiful puzzle
over time it will be revealed - layer by layer.

And with each new level,
The light refracts completely differently.

Until the necessary end,
where I will - light again.

Thank you for your time,
Your Misha

Old picture from @groetsch.beate - Thanks for the great collaboration!
Written by Mischa Levit

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