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There are moments that I like more than others.
There are situations that I would rather avoid.
There are doubts that I would rather not have.

Sounds like I'm dissatisfied with a part of my being... or like my equanimity isn't so advanced that I don't yet recognize the external rippling as such and let it ripple while I, as a light-iron Buddha, manifest world peace and focus on my third eye.
What a cheerful idea of ​​what, for me, is a very detached existence.
If I came to earth to experience this and that, then my soul is up for it. Or is it? Probably even more up for it than chilling with its soul buddies in the soul lounge and sipping indescribably delicious ether cocktails. Difficult to understand from my lens, because as you read above, I would often rather be somewhere else.
Then what's all this nonsense about?

How can it be that we come to earth only to want to "leave" again? How is it possible that we question this experience that we apparently chose ourselves?

My answer today is.....

(drum roll please & have confetti ready)


(Throw confetti in the air and cheer)

Lately I have been confronted with situations that were so uncomfortable that part of me thought: No fucking way! For me at the moment these are situations of separation from my soul mate. Heartache that makes my inner child scream and my alarm bells ring.
And usually, after I've tried to put out the fire of the breakup with a lot of kerosene, I realize that there's nothing I can do. Nothing that will change the situation, make the world whole and bring about the happy ending that I saw on TV at some point.
The only thing left for me is... (drum roll again) to trust .
And for me, trust means acknowledging the situation, accepting it and seeing that it couldn't have been any other way. Otherwise it would have been different. And from this insight, saying: OK, then it is like this now. This way and no other way. Trust means not running off, looking for help or distracting myself, but facing the situation and all the emotions and feelings associated with it.

Feeling the fear, crying and nodding. Acknowledging myself, my inner child and my partner. Until at some point the first deep breath comes, which feels a little easier. The final blow of my nose, which reminds me where I am, who I am and why I am. Then I get up and make myself some cocoa or tea, sit on the couch or at the computer and do what I feel like. Trusting that I have done my best and the best I can and can now be again .

This is what my trust process looked like this morning.
And what did you have for breakfast?

Image by @beate.groetsch - Thanks!
Written by Mischa Levit
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