Kakao Mischa Poesie
How about if you forget
what to do and what not to do.
How would it be if you felt
what it's like when you touch yourself.
Sometimes zeal is not a blessing,
Sometimes moving bothers us
And doing and doing quickly
Do you take time to rest?

I am often asked
to cede my boundaries
a little bit here and there
No break today
Instead, this and that here
And from that four over there
Almost enough, you might think.
I shouldn’t rhyme too little either!
The hamster wheel, it turns merrily
I'll go back down
Despite the many colorful lights
And the nodding faces
I wonder if they'll nod if I let them
Instead of hustling like the masses?
Let’s explore this briefly
Noon leading into evening
Breathe deeply in the action
Ready to stand up for peace.
I wish you a whole chest
Filled with deep peace
So that you can give it to yourself
And direct the love to you

Your Mischa
Written by Mischa Levit
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