Kakao Mischa Poesie

How about forgetting

what to do and what not to do?

How would it be if you could feel

what it's like to touch yourself.

Sometimes zeal is not a blessing,

Sometimes moving disturbs us

And doing and doing fast

Will you take time to rest? 

More often I am asked

To step outside my boundaries

A little here and there

No such thing as a break today

Instead this and that here

And four of these over there

Almost enough one might think.

I shouldn't rhyme too little!


The hamster wheel goes round and round

I'll go down again

Despite all the coloured lights

And the nodding faces

I wonder if they'll nod if I let them

Instead of coughing like the masses?


Let's find out for a moment

Midday into the evening

Take a deep breath in the midst of it all

Ready to stand for peace


I wish you a whole chest

Filled with deep peace

That you may give it to yourself

And direct the love towards you

Yours Mischa

Written by Mischa Levit
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