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Ceremonial cacao inspires! Me too. Still and more than ever. And for me, inspiration quickly leads to creation. Just like the creation of this long overdue blog post.

Thanks for this great picture to @innenweltmitnina on IG

I'm always told that my creative writing brings joy to hearts and smiles to faces. Yay, how lovely!

And yet these creative projects end up in the depths of my to-do list. Far below "paying bills" and "answering social media messages". Crazy, right? The things that I enjoy the most and that move me are given the lowest priority. What the duck? But that is about to change. With this blog entry, I want to usher in an era of creative writing without a set purpose. I want nothing less than to let you share in what it means to mix cocoa day after day and to transport cocoa's message into people's hearts (and vice versa).

Will this blog be informative? Maybe! Will it be entertaining? For me, definitely!

Does this blog serve a higher purpose? Yes, because the excitement with which I am writing these lines is the same excitement I felt back in the jungle when I began to sense the potential that cocoa has. With this blog I would like to continue this exotic journey and take it further into the jungle of everyday life, spirituality, creativity, expanding consciousness and personal development.

These are some of the areas I am passionate about and constantly associate with cocoa. And if you are interested in these things, this blog can be really entertaining, informative and inspiring for you. And at the end of it, you might realize that I am only human, just like you.

And together we can make this existence the hottest party, the biggest drama or the most ridiculous comedy. In all Aristotelian art, we can show who we are and observe what waves this makes. Where life takes us and what experiences shape us the most. I feel blessed to be able to share these lines with you here. In the hope that they will bring joy not only to me but also to you. Because that, as I have learned, is the reason for my existence. Joy. That is the attitude to life that I live and strive for. And the best thing: joy is unfathomable. It offers endless scope to be explored and discovered.

And right now I'm discovering more about myself and others than I have in a long time! Currently in focus: music, voice, dance, body, breath! I have the feeling that with the special quality of time I see the world (including myself) in a completely new light. I can give moments the chance to unfold. And writing this post is the manifestation of this openness. The realization of the moment and the display of a deep being. Deep shit.

I feel that Friday is a good time to write. A day of letting go, as its name suggests. That's why I want to declare Friday as blog post day and immortalize this ritual in the all-encompassing quadrant of my Google calendar. So that it encourages me to write about topics that move me deep inside.

I am extremely excited to see what awaits you and me here! Until then... Ciao, Kakao! Your Mischa

Written by Mischa Levit
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