Kakao Mischa: Wohin geht die Reise?

I imagine that when we are born, it is like getting on a rollercoaster. Exciting, uncertain and maybe even dangerous! A real thrill in any case. Even though we heard the psychological safety bars click into place shortly before birth, assuring us that nothing could happen to us in this existence, we panic. We try to use our newly acquired senses to find confirmation that this world we were born into is a magical, safe and essentially good place. And we don't find it. Ouch. At least not right away. It is as if at the beginning of this wild ride someone secretly held that flash thing from Men in Black under our noses and ZACK, everything was forgotten. Who am I again? And who should I have been? Our head takes control because there are apparently things to sort out. After all, there is something at stake here, even if nobody knows what! Ouch. The first turnoff into the never-ending dead end. Let's just call it Struggle (I think the word sounds like what it represents).

Struggle becomes the norm. I struggle, you struggle, neighbor struggle... and on TV? Struggle! From a bird's eye view, fascinating.

It seems to me like this is a huge experiment. The goal?

To check how much we really want something. How strong our will is to grow and to love. How could we check that? An obstacle course seems like a plausible approach to me.

A little macabre, you might think... All that suffering, fear and destruction. But what if the greatest love soon springs from the greatest suffering? What if the hardest fate sings the most beautiful songs? What if that is exactly what is happening right now? I am a fan of meaning, because meaning gives me the feeling that I am not lost.

Meaning only exists within. In your understanding of life. You don't find meaning out there. Meaning is your greatest adversary until it becomes your most important ally.

And most importantly: Without sense, no nonsense. Because that is still what I enjoy the most. I wish you blessings on all your paths.

With love, your Mischa

Written by Mischa Levit
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