Kakao-Partnerschaft mit Original Beans

I have been in contact with Jan from Original Beans since 2020 . As Conservation Kakao Leader , it is his mission to identify and preserve the rarest and finest Kakaos in the world and to create the infrastructure so that these special beans are also recognized by us. Due to the demand generated, these rare Kakao can be saved from extinction and preserved for posterity.

With the Sourced As Original Beans standard by Jan and his team, they guarantee a sustainable approach to the environment, people and natural resources on various levels. Jan is in personal contact with the local cooperatives and farmers, which I hope to visit in person soon.

Original Beans are doing their best to bring fair and sustainable Kakao into the world. With over 13 years of experience and personally supervised projects in Pan-America and Africa, they show the greatest possible excellence in their approach.

So it is my honor and pleasure to welcome Original Beans as my business partner. For the first collaboration, I chose the Peruvian from their ranks of outstanding, original beans, called Piura Blanco.

Written by Mischa Levit
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