Wieder am Anfang. Kakao Mischa auf Kakao-Reise.

Imagine you are standing on a lush flower meadow. There is buzzing and beeping all around you. Everything feels alive, soft and beautiful. Oh, and look at this butterfly! How beautifully it represents the tenderness of your being. Transformation come alive in beauty, grace and vulnerability. Once a caterpillar, the butterfly does its first wing beat in complete confidence of being able to fly. It knows it is its destiny to fly without ever having done so. Is he excited beforehand and has butterflies in his stomach? Certainly, even if it borders on metaphorical cannibalism.


A beautiful spectacle, which arises to you on your inner flower meadow. Here you will find everything familiar to you, friendly and gentle. Your safe space, your happy place and the place where you cultivate your deep, unconditional trust. Your Cocoon.


"Oh, oh! Did he say cocoon?!" - yes he did. Because this safe place is the beginning and perhaps the end of your journey. It is the port from which you sail away. With butterflies in your stomach and uncertainty in your head, you cast off, slip and set off.

Out into the world.


There is fear, there is doubt and there is this part of you that knows you can do it. That longs for the moment of having jumped, of having risked it. You know exactly what I mean. It's the same part of you that, if left unattended, will eventually say things to you like "If only I had done this or that...". It's the one that tingles in your belly when you think about talking to the pretty seat neighbor on the bus or finally telling your partner how you really feel.


A tremendous force forms in your belly, just below your belly button. Pure life force that awakens because it feels that it is needed. It wants to flow, it wants to crackle and tingle. And above all, it wants to help you achieve what you really want. And as if that wasn't gift enough, this energy attracts wondrous people and situations into your life, which strengthen you on your way and let you know that everything that has happened has its meaning.


You go your way, you laugh and you cry. Looking over your shoulder to see what "the others" are doing, you don't see competition. You see brothers and sisters who are still in their cocoon or already on their way and in them you see yourself. How could you help but feel for them and want to help them? After all, you too have received so much help so far. Why should you try to change anyone, when you know that it was the path and your own decisions that brought you to where you are now? You nod to them in appreciation, love and trust, knowing that the Universe not only wants the best for you, but for everyone and everything on this earth. As you look forward again, you see a butterfly. The same one that met you at the beginning. And with it you feel the security, the safety and lightness, which you were allowed to experience at the beginning.


A cycle comes to an end, only to begin anew.


Where will you go next?

Written by Mischa Levit
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