Kakao Yoni und Weiblichkeit

A letter from Tabea to you

"Because your yoni is not just a genital. No, it is a portal."
Tabea Cacaowoman

Dearest sister,

One day an image came to me: a cocoa yoni in my hands.

Mama Cocoa, the medicine that accompanies us so lovingly, motherly and strongly.

It opens the heart.

And this heart is closely connected to me, my feminine being and my yoni.

Yes, my holy temple.

Deeply connected to my wise womb, which carries ancient deep knowledge within it.


This yoni can accompany you in many ways and, above all, enrich you.

She will support you in the connection of your heart, your womb and your yoni.

Yes, it can come to you in so many different ways and it can find a place in your life.

In the morning, with a cup of cocoa to start the day feeling strong, invigorated and clear.

Here the symbol of the yoni can remind you of your femininity, your softness, gentleness and intuition.

It can also remind you of your cyclical nature.

Maybe it asks you: What cyclical phase am I in right now, how do I perceive my cyclical nature and how can I respond to it?

It can remind you to become aware of your yoni, to talk to it, to get in touch with it, to experience and get to know its essence.

But perhaps you would also like to create a ritual framework for yourself and your womanhood, alone or together with other sisters. The symbol of the yoni is more than groundbreaking for this.

Or maybe you just want to place them on your altar to thank Mama Cocoa and your sacred femininity.

Yes, there can be many ways and your very own path with her will unfold through a simple connection with her. Through invitation and contact.

Through your awareness.


Because your yoni is not just a genital. No, it is a portal.

And portals open new worlds.


You can also use this symbol to intentionally open portals, to immerse yourself, to take new paths.

And especially:

To open yourself up.

Because without openness the yoni cannot be experienced.

Mama Cocoa is a medicine that can accompany and support you in your womanhood in so many incredible ways. In each of your cyclical phases as a woman, also for transition rituals and initiations from being a girl to being a woman, during your menopause and also during pregnancy.

It also supports you in your love life - with you, your partner, and the people you love most.

Do you want to experience Mama Cocoa in connection with your femininity?

Then I would be happy to give you a cocoa yoni.




My yoni greets your yoni.

My heart greets your heart.


To the Cocoa Yoni in the shop.

Written by Mischa Levit
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Ich habe Kakao- Yoni bestellt und erhalten ,aber wie viel nutze ich davon fĂŒr eine Tasse ?

jasmin on Apr 03, 2024

So eine liebevolle und wunderbare Beschreibung habe ich bisher noch nicht gelesen. Ein großes Kompliment und ein herzliches Dankeschön dafĂŒr Tabea. Meine yoni GrĂŒĂŸt deine yoni ,mein Herz grĂŒĂŸt dein Herz

Mirijam on Apr 03, 2024

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