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I don't know how many times I've told this story. And each time I tell it differently. From a different perspective, in a different color or with a different mood. I find this story as rich as the power of cocoa itself. And its influence on my life is as great as the influence of cocoa on the world, I hope. Here I would like to tell our story again in a completely different way and in a little more detail. From the inside out. My inner path, process and decision to dedicate my life to cocoa (and vice versa).

It all starts in South America. The adventure and the freedom. Having 24 hours a day that are at my disposal and only mine gets the ball rolling. What if every day meant so much freedom? What if I didn't have to do anything? On the plane I wrote down questions. One of them was: What can I find on this continent that I don't know yet and that I can bring back to my family and friends?

She should be ventilated soon...

South American freedom grabs me by the collar and leads me through the wildest jungle to the biggest waterfalls, past the highest mountains and into the middle of adventure. Across Brazil, where I notice how colorful and dangerous life can be. Turns off in northern Argentina, where I am surprised at what a good job the Spanish have done with their colonization. With many stops in Bolivia, where I come into contact with real poverty and ancient culture for the first time. During the four months in Peru, I get a taste for blood. The first experience of cocoa comes unexpectedly, but today I don't believe in coincidence.

The key experience comes in Tingo María, Peru. Cocoa makes me melt and inspires every fiber of my body. I feel like I'm flying. Everything is possible. So why not drive a colorful truck to the most beautiful festivals and show humanity what cocoa has to offer? This thought makes my heart beat faster. "Follow your greatest joy!" I hear my Kindle whisper. The first sketch of my truck with me in it is created. Far too good to be true and yet feels so possible - perhaps within reach thanks to the effect of cocoa on my nervous system!

"How can such a healthy substance with such fantastic effects be so unknown in our latitudes?" I ask myself. Today, as then, it is a mystery to me. As a graduate industrial engineer, fresh out of the Media University, the market niche bells are ringing for me. My big chance! But first I have to travel for another year, or something like that...

In Colombia, my sensors are already tuned to cocoa. The first cocoa farmers are being located, contacts are being made and plans are being drawn up.

I get the opportunity to talk about my idea with couch surfers and in hostels. And every time I'm bubbling with enthusiasm. Again and again I get confirmation and optimism. Could the number of Porros smoked on those evenings have something to do with it? Quien sabe... The interest that has been aroused in me is starting to grow, to blossom and to bear fruit. I diligently jot down ideas in my little, shabby notebook; I spend a lot of time in equally shabby internet cafes, clicking my fingers raw. Pure cocoa seems to be an undiscovered diamond in the world of consumption and well-being. Only in the spiritual world is there something about an Indian hat. Again and again I enjoy the effect of cocoa and create wondrous fantasy worlds in which people celebrate together and nourish each other. Carried and encouraged by the wonderful effect of cocoa. And me with my truck in the middle of it all, the bass in my ears. YES!

But before I dare to make the absolute leap, I want to get to grips with this yoga again. Back in Lima on the Malecon, it was always so great. That's why I'm going back to India for three and a half months. If not now, when? With yoga, I'm finally getting a tool that will permanently reduce my lack of understanding of this existence. I'm finally learning techniques to reduce the sometimes unbearable nature of being. Or at least to be with it. Nice side effect according to Siddhantji , my yoga teacher: Clarity of Mind (feel free to read it in an Indian accent). And so it becomes crystal clear to me what my next action steps are to get started with cocoa. It feels like a vortex and impatience is spreading within me.

  1. Fill up your tank in Germany
  2. Road trip with my friend Max and his VW bus Berta through Northern California
  3. Flight to Guatemala for an indefinite period
  4. Return to Germany with cocoa
  5. Business start-up, cocoa processing and bus conversion 6th Cocoa Festival Summer

My provisional 6-point plan at the time. Easy, right? In any case, wonderful material for future blog posts! ;-) And even if it sounds "clumsy", that's exactly what happened. With an unwavering spirit, I pursued my goal and still do. The advantage of having a personal vision for the world is that there are infinitely many personal ways to approach it. And the smallest act in your mind can bring the greatest fulfillment. Every action stands for itself and has its own effect. And that frees me from the feeling of having to achieve anything. Because right here, where I am, I have achieved exactly what was necessary. If I don't like it here, how could I come up with the idea that it would be better somewhere else?

"Let's be honest, life is always dangerous!" - Erich Kästner

That's why I wear cocoa on my skin now. Not because of then, not because of tomorrow. Solely because I feel it now. And it feels good. Thank you, dear Ekadashi , for allowing me to wear your handiwork on my skin. Thank you, dear Ix Kakao, for this journey together. I can't imagine a more beautiful one.

Written by Mischa Levit
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