Zeremonieller Kakao zum Weltfrauentag

♀ For International Women's Day ♀

Bonjour Madame!

Today I turn to your and my female part.

Because today is the day when the feminine in our society is particularly honored, heard... and maybe even flowers!

✿ You can find them, along with another delicacy, at the very end of this letter. ✿

Today not only celebrates women's achievements in many areas of life, but we also remember that feminine energy embodies deep strength, wisdom and the spirit of nurture.

The essence of the feminine lives within all of us, as a universal force that nourishes our growth, fosters our connection, and supports intuition, empathy, and much more.

It's about embracing our vulnerability as strength, leading with compassion, and prioritizing collaboration over competition.

What this day means to me

In my country of birth, Ukraine, March 8th is a real holiday that serves to fully honor the women in a man's life.

No matter how old you are or what relationship you have with the man - the appreciation is omnipresent.

At least that's how I experienced it from my dear dad.

That's why, year after year, this day offers me the opportunity to express my appreciation for the woman, the goddess, the mother.

Because without them, none of us would be here, not alive.

It fills my heart every day to see how many wonderful, strong and courageous women make their way with our cocoa.

Knowing that our world, as it currently exists, makes it anything but easy for them.


Special thanks

Of course, it applies to my personal goddess - the lady who sees me with all my light and all my shadows - and always decides to love me.

Thank you Anka for allowing us to walk the path of uncompromising growth together and to continually explore what love can be.

I love you.

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About Misch

Über 48 Stunden hat unsere Rückreise vom ostafrikanischen Kontinent gedauert.

Dementsprechend bin ich alles andere als fit. Dennoch erfüllt mich die Tatsache mit Freude, gerade am heutigen Tag wieder in der Heimat zu sein und mich mit den Herzen zu umgeben, welche mich wohl und sicher fühlen lassen.

Leider wurden wir in Tanzania immer wieder mit der starken ungleich Stellung der Frau konfrontiert und wissen jetzt, mehr denn je, unser Heimatland zu schätzen.

Beinahe hätten wir den Boden am Flughafen geküsst (was in Deutschland wahrscheinlich sogar problemlos möglich ist).

Nun heißt es landen, ankommen und einfinden.

Bis ganz bald,
Dein Mischa

And as promised, your flowers:

Written by Mischa Levit

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