In zeiten des Wandels... wandeln wir uns mit!

Hello dear converter,

Today I am writing, sipping a ceremonial cocoa, from an inner impulse. Somewhere, certainly, to understand my own process more deeply by sharing it with you.

Last but not least, it is about the fact that we as a society are undergoing rapid change. Personally, I always try to reach for something, find something for myself and hold on to it.

Only to then notice how it escapes me like the air from an old balloon. Sometimes it also bangs.

Ouch .

So what can we do to confront this transforming machine of life?

Who to call and ask for help?

Maybe drink a ceremonial cocoa first?

The latter definitely won't hurt, but our fabulous ceremonial cocoa probably won't be the ultimate solution.

What we can come to terms with is that we ourselves are subject to our own changes. At this very moment, thousands of your body's cells are dividing to give birth to new cells and old cells are systematically fed into your inner garbage chute.

Cool ? Definitely .

That's why my response to this violent change, in addition to ceremonial cocoa, is to live my own change as much as I can.

Taking advantage of every opportunity to do something different, slower, faster or backwards. Not out of a need to optimize, but out of curiosity.

What if your genius cocoa concoction is just waiting to be made with your eyes closed?

Please only under supervision!

We are at a point where we can feel exactly what no longer works and what wants to change.

Now it's up to us to find something new to serve.

Where are you trying something new?

Where can you constantly change?

Comment on this blog post, I look forward to reading from you.

Changing, your Misha

Written by Mischa Levit


Hi Micha, seit mich meine Tochter mit Dir bekannt gemacht hat freue ich mich auf jeden post von Dir. Jetzt darf ich auch Dein Team kennen lernen. Ich bin noch nicht sicher welchen Kakao ich als Erstes probieren soll aber ich fühle das die Entscheidung kurz bevor steht. In Erwartung auf Deinen nächsten post, Hans.

Hans-Georg Mink on Apr 03, 2024

Ich bin gerade dabei mehr Glück, Zufriedenheit, Leichtigkeit und Vertrauen in mein Leben zu bringen mehr positiv Vibes und auf neues einlassen!

Andrea on Apr 03, 2024

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