Kakao Mischa: Was mache ich hier eigentlich?

The last few days have been marked by fundamental rethinking for me. As a Mischa of Kakao, it seems obvious what I do, namely Kakao. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that not all Kakao is the same. Over the last few weeks, I have been caught up in a spiral of sales, earnings and, above all, expectations. Expectations of myself, my business, my customers and also expectations of Kakao. It came so insidiously. With the new factory and the new, great Kakao, the turnover must also increase. Like last month, or the month before. Just a little bit! Then I'll be happy and satisfied. STOP! No, no and no again. I have become aware of this in the last few days. This old hamster wheel that had me firmly in its grip is hardly better than that of the banker or estate agent. It is anchored in the outside and has lack at its core. The thought that there is something to be achieved after all. The happiness out there. A little further away than I can reach. Just a little.

And I fell for it again. In all my spirituality, meditation and contemplation. It became palpable. Noticeably tight, dense and exhausting. Like trying to push myself through a pasta strainer, only less delicious. "If I sell the maximum amount of Kakao, I will reach as many people as possible and thereby realise my vision of a healed, heart-open world!" my mind thought to itself. A hamster wheel of the highest order, which I am now allowed to leave after a shamanic journey. How painful it is to realise that the path that seemed so golden has turned out to be made of wood and has holes. It is becoming increasingly clear to me (and no longer just intellectually) that Kakao, as well as my business and my vision, belong to a new era. A time that is not characterised by expectation-driven thinking, strategic marketing and return on investment. I'm tired of comparing sales figures and craving the little bit of dopamine that spreads through me at four-digit daily sales figures, like heroin in the veins of an addict. It sounds crass, and it is. We are thrown into this system and get applause from above when we have run in circles particularly fast. We have worked particularly hard. Some mothers would say "what a good boy, and how fast he can run!".

The last few days have shown me: That's not me. Even more so: this thinking robs me of my freedom, my essence. It eats me up and leaves me a starving skeleton.

I hereby resolve to discard this old thinking, these old concepts and patterns. To go back to what I am here for on this planet. Because I am not here to become the biggest Kakao seller of all time, to build the most fanciful yurt and be fed Kakao covered seedless grapes. Even though this idea makes me smile. I am here to build a foundation with Kakao. To provide a foundation that allows people to feel good about themselves and others. I am here to show a new path. The way of the heart, gratitude and enjoyment. That is my vision. That is where my mission lies. And Kakao is the materialised form of exactly that. Kakao provides the foundation for a state of mind that encourages us to feel. Inspires and motivates us. It is precisely this energy that I want to carry forward: that of inspiration, curiosity and joy.

But what does that mean now? Am I going to stop selling Kakao? I don't think so.

What it could mean, however, is that I will focus on bringing this vision more strongly to the outside world. To speak to you and others. In videos, podcasts, newsletters and blog posts. And losing myself less in increasing sales, social media likes and IG story reposts. It's getting tangible and I'm looking forward to it! I'm looking forward to reaching people and planting seeds with my grounded and clear style. Showing up, dancing and letting go.

How will that translate to my business? Who knows! I'd rather go broke heading in the direction of my heart than do my rounds on the hamster wheel. It's time to let go. Again.

I'm letting go of the pressure to "serve" social media, because I'm not a waiter. I'm letting go of the pressure to "grow" my business, because it can do that on its own. I'm letting go of the pressure to deliver all the time, because I'm not a parcel carrier. I am a visionary and it is time that I live THAT.

Thank you for listening and maybe see you soon. Yours, Mischa.

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Written by Mischa Levit
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