Kakao Mischa: Auszeit

Vacation? Pah, I want to experience something! I want to see the world and try the craziest things and at the end jump down somewhere and then climb back up again backwards!

That's roughly how my self would have expressed itself three years ago on the subject of vacation. My current self sees things a little differently. A little more relaxed. A little more thoughtful. A little more calm. And maybe even a little more conscious. I have been pursuing my cocoa mission non-stop for over two years. When I'm not drinking cocoa, I talk about it or dream about it. Not constantly, but still so present, so constant, so beautiful, so THERE.

So I decided to go on a real vacation. With relaxation and all that. Not alone! But that part should not and will not be part of this story. The place where I will stay will also remain a secret.

Switching off and enjoying for 8 days. I couldn't imagine it. I had forgotten what it was like to switch off and that's exactly why it was a complete coconut. I packed my suitcase the night before and headed off, only to find at the airport gate: I forgot the cocoa. My 17-year-old self would say LOL. I wanted distance and peace from cocoa and that's exactly what I got. I had to laugh out loud at this realization and I'm still smiling now. Bye, cocoa! So I let myself fall into pure, analogue aimlessness. Beach-soaked peace and sun-ripened time out. I even managed to feel something again for a brief moment that I had thought I had lost: my boredom! I vegetated without even checking "the numbers" once, without creating "content". "My team in Dsch├Ârm├Ąnie will manage it..." I thought to myself and my mind was satisfied with that. And how it managed it. <3

But what am I actually trying to say here? Where is this all leading? And why is no one wearing a mask here? What I would like to leave you with are my findings from this holiday: - I have the best team in the world (I will introduce you to the two new members of M&S soon) - My business runs best when I am far away and, above all, not in the way - Social media has lost its place in the food chain for me and from now on serves as a nice catchment area for the wonderful world of cocoa and its happenings - Volcanic sand gets really, really hot in the sun - I don't "do" relax, relaxation comes to me when I let it

There is so much I want to share right now. So much feels good right now. And that is my compass from now on. Do you want to know more? Then ask me. And, so that you don't get left standing in the monsoon rain, here is a little show of mine with the Jew's harp in nature. Enjoy my friend.

Written by Mischa Levit
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