Kakao Mischa: Zeremonieller Kakao und Loslassen

If you let go, your hands are free. Or something like that. In this video I show how the (spirit of) cocoa helps me to let go, to trust and to relax. It is part of a multi-part series that I created in nature with Beate (@groetsch.beate).

I'm finally getting around to sharing this series with you bit by bit. This is also an exciting process of letting go for me. My last milestone in this area was, as you may have read here , my first vacation since starting the company two years ago.

This showed me what it means to take a step back - to let go. During this time I was able to experience again what it means to be free. I have faith that cocoa can support you, me and the whole world in this process. I believe in waking up and rethinking. And the basis for this, I think, is letting go. I would be delighted to hear how you see this topic. Feel free to write a comment here or on Instagram. Alternatively, I also receive electronic carrier pigeons.

Thank you for your attention, your time and above all your being. With love, Mischs

Written by Mischa Levit
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