Kakao Mischa Liebe

Today I write in order to write. Today I live in order to live. Today I breathe in order to breathe. Today I love in order to love. And today I die in order to die. My heart opens again to the world, its love and pain. The sweet pain that comes when I am vulnerable. When tears bleed. When I flood my being with life. It opens to the beauty that may seem ghastly tomorrow. For the blossom that wilts before my eyes. I let myself fall into the arms of the Goddess, I give myself up, on the ground of all being. Firmly anchored in the ground, my tail flutters. Its waving is gentle, its movement is light. I have no questions, I have no urge. The deepest trust sings itself through me. Which is probably why love is hiding today. I saw her with me only the other day. It should be here somewhere. Maybe it is. Maybe it shows itself when I show myself. Maybe it is hidden in the meantime of these lines. I will try not to look for it any more, instead to know it embedded everywhere. Because only who loves, can miss love.

Hardly can I guess the aft trajectories in which life stretches before me. With lifted flags, with open arms I run towards - the crying child. Only then, late in the evening, when everyone is already asleep, does my heart whisper to me: pain and love, yes, both belong to the same pair of shoes.

Written by Mischa Levit
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