Kakao Mischa Enjoy the Ride

Today I write with devotion. devotion to life. Because it carries me, nourishes me, breathes me and shines through me. I have often written to process, redeem, contemplate. Today there is no need for contemplation. I don't need anything today. And when I need something, it's already there. Right here, where I'm standing right now. I can take it, twist and turn. I can grab it, pay attention. I don't need to grab it. It can be easy. Frugal with me, with my loved ones. Frugal to be where I am today. I receive the day moment by moment, I forget the time. Once there was a clock on the wall, it just stopped. I didn't notice. Maybe it's enough to be where I am, maybe there's more to come. Important for me to feel the meaning, to feel the love so much. Today I look into the book, out the window. Today I let myself go.

And wish you the most magical day that life can give you. With love, your Mischa
Written by Mischa Levit
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