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Daring question, because it would be difficult for me to answer it myself.

For a few weeks, a calmness, a trust and a bliss have crept into my life. I feel held in my essence. Life feels so optional, so free, so wide. Like these lines here! As you may have noticed, it's been very quiet on social media for the past week. Suspiciously quiet if you ask me. Unusual for me! For a long time I felt the subliminal pressure to want to keep up, to show myself, to want to achieve something. Maybe you know it too, this pressure. It can release enormous energy, move a lot and unfortunately also cause damage.

I hardly feel this pressure anymore, mainly thanks to my wonderful team. Instead, something else has taken its place: an honest need to keep in touch with you. This beautiful connection that Kakao has given us and continues to give us. Based on appreciation, trust and love.

And for almost exactly a week I've been pondering how we can keep, cultivate this valuable connection... Via the Facebook or Instagram feed?

Hmm, I don't know... About topic-related Youtube videos I could imagine. About writing from my blog and newsletter Sounds good.t.

About the soon to be released Kakao Mischa Podcast Rather! About public, joint events - live or online Oh yes!a!

As you can see, I have a variety of opportunities to cultivate our loving togetherness so that you and I get as many positive things as possible from it.

That's why it's been quiet for so long, because I wasn't and still am not 100% sure what shape our Kakao community will take. Do you have an idea Write it in the comments! <3 Where do you think we'll gather And above all, where we'll celebrate! For the latter, I already have a suspicion... Because what has occupied me most in recent times, apart from Kakao, is the creation of a beautiful home for me, my loved ones and, of course, Kakao. A place of life, love and harmony is created, where boundaries dissolve and connections are formed.mt.

I'm really looking forward to welcoming you to our heart's nest as soon as the Kakao shop is ready. And until then?

Until then, I'll enjoy my life, enjoy the feeling of arriving more and more every day. And what I'm enjoying most right now is the feeling of having found my place alongside an incredible woman. That our souls have found each other never ceases to amaze me and bring tears to my eyes whenever I pay attention to it. I feel deeply blessed. Blessed by Life, Mother Earth and the Universe. And it is this blessing that allows the desire to germinate deep within me to serve this life, this earth, this humanity and thus you. For my good and for the good of all.

aho. Your Mischa

Written by Mischa Levit
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