Fährst du mit? Komfortzone Kakao Mischa

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" is written on a postcard above my bed. Actually, this was just a "placeholder" in a picture frame that I bought from a well-known drugstore chain. Somehow this placeholder kept its place and has been giving me food for thought ever since.

And the more I think about it, the fuzzier it gets. Could it be that this zone is not a firmly defined area at all, but fluid?

I feel that it is precisely the challenges that life presents to me (or alternatively, that I give myself) that allow me to grow. Just to be ready again for the next and the next. And then that after. A never-ending cycle, characterized by intense feelings and memorable moments, which, looking back, make my life seem so full and exciting. This blog post, for example, costs me an effort. It doesn't slip, it rather creaks. And yet, in my heart, I know I need him. I need him to grow and to express what is dormant in me. He gives me vision. From this observer's perspective, every challenge in my life seems necessary, even indispensable. Every bead of sweat is a gift and every tear is a blessing. From up here, everything makes sense and is good. It's nice and neutral up here. However, not nearly as lively and intense as on the remote beach of longing or as exciting as in the valley of daring. I only climb up here to take heart and get ready. For the next adventure, the next loop and the next hearty sigh.
And my comfort zone is there when I need it. It is the place that allows me to regenerate. The place where my needs are met. And once that's the case, I can't help but run out, stumble, and cheer again. Life lures me out again and again, asks me to dance, to love and to go deep..

Right now life is asking me to align and focus, coupled with the endless missing of the most important person on earth for me, my great love. The roller coaster continues, I'm sitting in the front.

Do you come with me??
Written by Mischa Levit

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