Mischa. Das bin ich.

belly landing

Sep. 11, 1992 - A tiny Mischa sees the light of day. In a Ukrainian city called Dnepropetrovsk.


The Federal Republic welcomes him with open arms. Nobody asked him whether he would like to live in it at all. Well, make the best of it.

Finally over

His school days are not glorious, but he gets a high school diploma. Maybe he's just not the brightest candle on the cake?

Dare to get out

The flight to South America takes him into a new world. He's allowed to make mistakes and find out who he is. Freedom becomes very important to him.


He grows fond of Kakao. So much so that he dedicates a voyage of discovery to it. So he dares to step into the unknown.


People recognize the value of ceremonial cacao for this time and Mischa accepts his responsibility to share it with the world.

Written by Michael Levit
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