Kakao Mischa: Ist zeremonieller Kakao gefährlich?

I've actually been asked this question from time to time. The last time beforeBeate's camera. Here in the video you can see my answer:

The topic of "danger" has come back to me again and again in recent years, even outside of the context of Kakao. What I am able to state again and again is that danger is ultimately only an interpretation of a possibility. A possible scenario that tries to throw my identification as a person and entrepreneur out of balance. From the point of view of the Higher Self, there are no dangers. There is only experience, lessons and an everlasting path.

With my very good friend and coachLuke we investigated this topic and ran through possible "danger scenarios". "Don't you paint the devil on the wall there?" many a positively affirmed yogi might ask themselves. We would do that in a perfectly harmonious world, because in such a world every event would be coherent on a personal and social level and aimed at the benefit of all. The way the world is knitted right now, it makes sense from my point of view and Lukas's to consider, think through and plan some things so that they can gain a foothold in this arbitrariness invented by common sense. And here, too, it finally became clear to me that every so-called danger ultimately harbors growth potential and often represents exactly the scenario that is needed to take the next step, open the next chapter and discover the vitality of life. What is your favorite danger Write it in the comments. <3;3

Written by Mischa Levit
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