Ein Besuch bei Mama Kakao - Gastbeitrag von Lia Pipa

A visit to Mama Cocoa

The sun was slowly setting and dusk was slowly setting in. Maya heard the pebbles crunching under her shoes. Autumn made the forest shine in the most beautiful colors. Red, brown, green, yellow - everywhere the first fallen leaves lined the small path that meandered through the magical forest. The rustling of leaves signaled the beginning of the time of retreat. Nature was in the middle of the process of letting go. On the verge of withdrawing into yourself, resting on the successes you have achieved and waking up in spring with new strength. Maja heard a squirrel cackle and then saw it dart over the tree trunk into the remaining canopy of leaves. 

The small gravel path led her past the large weeping willow that she loved so much. In summer she liked to hide under the long-hanging branches, lean against the trunk and enjoy the moment. But today she had other things on her mind. Today she wanted to visit a friend. So she expressed her silent thanks to the willow as it passed and headed for the old woodpile. Behind this she turned left, shortly afterwards to the right and found herself in a wonderful clearing. From here it wasn't far before she saw the old earth hut. It was covered all over with moss, lichen and ivy. She blended into her surroundings almost invisibly. And only people who were truly looking for her were actually able to find her. Maya walked reverently to the wooden door. She used the wrought iron door knocker to make herself noticed and then opened the door. 

She received cozy warmth at the same time as the earthy scent that she automatically associated with this place that was so familiar to her: sandalwood. “Maja, my child, I’ve been expecting you,” a voice echoed from the living room, “come to me. I just made fresh cocoa.” Maja didn’t have to be told twice. So she crossed the curtain of hanging, colorful beads that separated the hallway from the living room. Logs burned in the tiled stove and made cracking noises. A figure was sitting on the large, red sofa, who now started to move and greeted Maya with open arms. “Mama Cocoa,” she beamed and also spread her arms to sink into the old lady’s deep embrace. Mama Cocoa grabbed Maya's cheeks with both hands and kissed her forehead. And the girl smiled. The way she always smiled when she looked into the friendly, wrinkled face of the wise old woman. With her mischievous laugh that came straight from the heart and reached right up to her kind, hazel eyes. The weathered skin formed deep wrinkles all around it that looked like sunbeams. She had tied her black and gray hair into a loose bun, from which individual curls had escaped and now fell over her shoulders. She handed the girl a colorful cup full of steaming warm cocoa before the two of them sat down on the comfortable sofa. Maya breathed in the bitter smell that she liked so much and slowly drank a few sips. How much she loved this time of peace and arrival. It felt like a warm, fuzzy blanket to snuggle up in on a foggy fall day. While Mama Cocoa looked at her with interested eyes, Maja told her about her day. Everything was successful. But also what had gone wrong. And the old woman listened intently.

Because Mama Kakao was known to be a good listener. That's why they visited a wide variety of people every day to confide in her. If your heart was heavy, the old lady with her colorful dishes and magical potion would make you feel better in no time. Sometimes tears flowed beforehand. These could be tears of sadness. Or tears of joy and gratitude. And sometimes, fear or anger also claimed their place. Mama Cocoa welcomed them all. “Let it all out, my child. “Just let it happen,” she would say, “so that the heaviness goes away. So that your heart beats freely and carefree to the beat of love again. Because that is the drumbeat of the universe that our hearts all follow.” And so everyone, like Maja that day, left the small, hidden earth house a little more relaxed to tell their friends about the kind and wise old woman. That she also opened their hearts and supported them in following the drumbeat of the universe.

Lia Pipa

A little Ronja, a little Pippi and a lot of stardust. Celebrating her inner child, she goes through life with an open heart. With a healthy dose of humor, she creates blunt, honest images of everyday life. Always looking for the silence within her, she listens to the universe and is inspired by people, experiences and stories. She indulges in daydreams and mental paintings and tries to find answers for big things in small things. 

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Written by Mischa Levit

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