For Misch, the end of the year always shows the way for the new. Not that I would plan it or even want it... It just happens. The insights and decisions crystallize like cocoa butter that has gone cold.

Everything that is unclear pricks me like a thumbtack - calls for clarification, even if it hurts.

I feel that next year will be a defining year for Cocoa Mischa. Everything screams for the next level, growth and multiplication. A few become many

The only question: How much can I hold? How much can we give with joy and honest work?

Although I still believe that as many people as possible should come into contact with this wonderful medicine, I know the fragility of a young, shooting shoot. Accepting the risk for the place in the sun, the path in the light.

This is Cocoa Misha, this is the way. Even though cocoa actually grows in the shade, it likes to show us the way into the light. And that's exactly where we will meet, dance, cry and cheer.

Hang in there, we'll be there soon.

And by my side - @ankasana_ ❀

In vision,
Your Misha
Written by Mischa Levit

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