Zeit, misch verletzlich zu zeigen.

What if I show myself?

Good morning,

Today I'm writing, not because I like, but because I believe it's important.

As you may have noticed, I decided to go without food while my sweetheart was away.

Now the seventh day of my fast has begun and I have to admit - it's hard.

Not just hard, because these dates smile at me from the shelf again and again and tirelessly. Not even because the dog food suddenly smells “not so bad.”

Hard because the absence of food brings up a lot of things in my system that would otherwise lie dormant behind my hunger threshold.

Above all: doubt .

Yes, doubts. Doubts about whether what I do and especially how I do it is right.
I know there are cocoas out there that cost less and are certainly equally delicious. I also look at the money.

Nevertheless, I decided from the beginning and every day since then to put as much handwork, love and care into our cocoa as possible. And that requires many, many appreciative and valued hands, especially in our factory.
In addition to my focus in this regard, I also owe the fact that many of our farmers can count themselves among the best paid in the world to Original Beans .

I decide to pay a minimum wage of €15 an hour at Kakao Mischa, regardless of the activity. Knowing that I would want the same thing.

And yet, when I look at the finances, I doubt whether this is the right approach. Whether I'm not kidding myself and others. Didn't I take a wrong turn somewhere...

Ultimately, I realize that I doubt whether it is really enough to follow my heart and take all these steps forward.

To let go of all that money so that it can find its way to all the wonderful people and technologies that make this game possible for me.

It's too late to get out anyway

Thanks to you, Mischa, I can't get out of this number anymore. 

Because the momentum that we have now built with our community is far too strong and lively to be doubted. To simply be "dropped".

I thank you for this.

And I know that these doubts will pass... maybe even with my first meal. Mjam.

But until then, I'll let it be there, as a rehearsal for everything I've created so far.

May they find all the cracks of inauthenticity and ego so that they can be filled with purity and of course cocoa.

And fasting itself?

I can recommend it, but to be honest I'm not so sure I needed it. 

The fact that it has now happened and that I am finally making my own decision after this newsletter shows that it should be like that.
I'm looking forward to dinner, and I'm even more looking forward to my sunshine, Mrs. , who will be at my side again on Sunday. 🥲

P.S. My podcast with Elena Wienkotte was released this week. Probably one of the most intense podcasts I've had the pleasure of doing so far. It's about addiction, hopelessness and yet finding the way to light.

You can find the podcast here.

Written by Mischa Levit


Lieber Mischa, vielen Dank für deinen tollen Beitrag und deine ehrlichen Worte.
Ich finde die 15€ vollkommen angebracht und ich hoffe, dass WIR,durch unsere Bestellungen DIR/EUCH sogar noch mehr Stundenlohn geben können. Ich liebe den Kakao und er ist zu meiner täglichen Routine geworden. DANKE!! Ich trinke beide Sorten Chuncho u Piu es schmecken beide so lecker und ich würze je nach Lust und Laune! Danke auch für daaaaaaaafür! Ich habe auch gefastet, aber eher weil der Kakao mich so satt macht und die Wirkung einfach unbeschreiblich toll ist!

Kräutersträußchen on Apr 03, 2024

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