Kakao-Mischa: Gemeinsam ist man weniger allein

Once upon a time, there was a Kakao Mischa who wanted to have adventures and was sure there was fancy stuff out there. Even though times were rough, he wandered around and wanted to know: What does he do with himself, so cunning?

Selling Kakao, that sounds fine! Could that be his destiny now? Or what else is he doing here? It's probably too late for the piano. His patience is just enough to sing along with "lalalal". With more and more Kakao in the trunk and worrying foam in front of his mouth, he was seen rushing. Just in time to the post office still fetzen. And then those few to-dos! He lived fast, on a small foot. There was always something to do, and no thought of resting. Until one day he found himself sitting on a bench without any strength. A little angel with a red tine appeared on his left. It spoke to him in shimmering light: "You need a team - yes, little helper! Slurring, the angel departed, his flag raised high. What Mischa said did not deceive him. He could go on as much as he wanted, but without a team the thing wouldn't roll! Therefore he began to pray quietly, to universe big circle: Oh please, please Great Spirit! Help me to find a team feist. The Great Spirit, he listened - and manifested as in a flash. Not one, not two, but a handful of comrades. And everyone helps as they can. No matter whether Oompa-Loompa, woman, whether man. With so much love in the team, Mischa does not believe that he can still fail. Instead, he wants to aim high. The Kakao message they - wants out! To millions of people, billions of cheetahs and ten camels at a gallop. The whole may go now briskly. So that mankind still gets it, the curve! Before itself man dries up. So one rumors that Mischa still tinkers today and diligently sips Kakao. So that the world he reaches quickly and the hardness from the hearts leaves.

A lyrical tale about a process that has been going on for some time: the formation and expansion of my team! An exciting topic, as I strive with all the rules of art not to build a classic, hierarchical company and to give people space within the Kakao universe to develop. With a shared vision and a love for life itself. I'm sure you'll read more on this topic here. To what extent my rhymes contributes to it, I don't know. In any case, I enjoy it! ;)


Thanks for reading. I'm glad to have you along on my journey. <3 Your Mischa

Written by Mischa Levit
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