Kakao beans

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Sun-dried, fermented organic cocoa beans.

The raw cocoa pleasure. Just as invigorating and strong in taste. Revered by raw foodists as an energy and nutrient bomb. Ideal for smoothies or as a snack between meals.

The unique bean of the variety comes from remote tropical forests in the heart of Peru Chuncho their way to us in the manufactory. Discovered nowhere else in the world, this bean with its light color is one of the mighty and wise great-grandmothers of cocoa. Not to mention the taste.

Cultivated in sophisticated and rediscovered agroforestry systems, this cacao gives joy along its entire value chain:

They are happy:

  1. The species-rich tropical forest, which is protected by its organic cultivation.
  2. The farmers, which are paid well above the FairTrade world market price and without price fluctuations.
  3. The Environment through climate-positive, gentle cultivation and transport.
  4. Wewho are allowed to process it lovingly and with deep gratitude in our manufactory.
  5. You, when it finally lands in your favorite cup and makes your heart smile.
  6. your loved ones, as soon as they learn from you what wondrous turn your life has taken since this cocoa enriched your life.

As you may have heard, cocoa is a raw material that has been carefully cultivated and celebrated by mankind for thousands of years. He is at home in rituals, prayers and meditation. And not only does he look good...

  • Made from 100% pure, sustainable cocoa beans
  • Biodynamically grown on family farms
  • gently refined and sustainably packaged by us in our manufactory
  • made with deep gratitude and devotion
  • gluten, sugar and lactose free
  • ideal for a ketogenic diet
  • Lots of magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and much more.
  • an intense and full-bodied taste, which gives an idea of ​​its effect
  • good dose of theobromine to clear your mind
  • numerous endogenous messenger substances, so-called happiness molecules such as anandamide
  • plenty of tasty, energizing cocoa butter

Far beyond national borders, brothers and sisters use our cocoa for rituals, coaching, performance and energy work. Open yourself to its effect and experience what it means to feel yourself, to be in the flow and to arrive at yourself.

Storage and Shelf Life: When your cocoa has finally made it to you, give it a dry, appreciative place - preferably in its original packaging. Provided it is not heated above room temperature or exposed to moisture, it can easily be stored for up to two years. Only his appearance has changed a little.

Personally, I like my cocoa best in an elegant screw-top jar on the kitchen shelf, from where it overlooks the whole kitchen.

Important: Our cocoa is and will remain a natural product and is therefore natural and perfect in its own way. Even though we are used to things having to look the way they do on screens, I ask for your understanding for the uniqueness of nature and slight deviations from the finished product image.

Fabulous picture and staging by Lia - Lia Lohrer photography.