Sitting around the fire.

From today on you can lower your gaze,
and look for the light within.
From now on you can think about warmth
Occasionally swearing.
Give yourself this freedom -
sometimes frightening shadows.

But before that happens
take a quick look back!
It's all too easy to forget
What luck there was in the past.
Send your love and blessings
For the life you have lived so far.

We often danced in the light,
We refreshed ourselves on the warm day.
Life gave you a very soft gift
what you've been asking for a long time.
Warm feeling deep in the stomach
Close to the breath of fire.

Look there are still embers glowing!
Strives for your long breath
In her the entire fire rests
Just waiting to ignite
The only thing needed here is yourself
To create with the I We.

Gather around the fire now
The rest will take care of itself
Every soul here last...
I never intended to be alone.

Thank you to all the wonderful souls with whom I can find myself around the fire. You are the light that shines outside for me.

Written by Mischa Levit

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