Worauf wartest du, Künstler:in? - Neue Podcastfolge!

Who or what is an artist? And can I become that or have I already been that way?

With her online studio Wayra Arts, Nora Teichert manages to bring the art of painting closer in a playful way. She makes an impression with her own, profound works, which unfold their effect in your innermost being, your soul. An extremely inspiring conversation for me, which illustrates how close art and spirituality are - or are they even identical?

This podcast is right for you if you want to clear up old beliefs about talent, success and art. Or if you simply want to listen to the beautiful stories of a well-traveled artist.

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Thank you for your attention and your time. Together we make this world a healthier and more open-hearted place.

In love,

Your Misha

Nora on Instagram & YouTube:


Nora's digital studio Wayra with her painting courses, blog and much more:


Intro and outro:

David Darling - Lugu Lugu Kan - Ibi (Steffen Kirchhoff Revision)

Written by Mischa Levit

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