The Esmeraldas: Indigenous Ceremonial Cocoa (limited offer)

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Exclusive ceremonial cacao from the indigenous Chachi tribe in the Esmeraldas region of northern Ecuador

In the winter of 2021, we, Anka & Mischa, had the chance to visit the Chachi Indians in northern Ecuador, celebrate Christmas with them and spend the night in hammocks with them. It was loud, wet, cheerful and heartwarming.

The Chachi are a very lively tribe, with about two children for every adult. They live in a pristine part of the Ecuadorian rainforest, which is home to one of the most pristine Arriba Nacional cocoas.

I am sharing this cacao with you here in limited quantities for now. 

We process this cacao ourselves from the bean to the ceremonial mass and therefore only have limited capacities.

Fabulous picture by Lia - Lia Lohrer Photography .