Cacao Spice: Magic Dust

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☀ Wenn das Thermometer ĂŒber 25°C klettert, können wir dir nicht versprechen, dass dein Kakao die Reise ungeschmolzen ĂŒbersteht und heil bei dir ankommt.

Incomparable full moon spice magic from Kakao Mischa: It took me, Mischa, no less than three years to come across this spice recipe. Three years of research, composition and tasting. But now it is here, our magic dust .

It combines the pre-Columbian roots of our cocoa with health-promoting and neuroactive components, related to each other using the golden ratio ( Fibonacci series ) that underlies everything.

At one teaspoon per cup, 100ml is enough for 20 - 30 cups of your chocolatey drink of the gods. Some say half a teaspoon does the trick.

Mesquite*, galangal*, cinnamon*, nutmeg*, tonka bean*, rosita de cacao.
*provably organically grown - conjured up exclusively on full moons by our dear Stiny .


Mesquite, which has the Latin name Prosopis , is a sweetener extracted from the mesquite tree. This is a legume and grows in hot, dry regions. It originally comes from North and South America, Africa and South Asia.

Mesquite powder has been valued there as a healthy sweetener for thousands of years. The Incas and the Native Americans are said to have used it for various purposes have.

To make the sweet mesquite powder, the mesquite fruit or bean from the tree is dried and ground. The taste of mesquite is described as caramel-malty to cinnamon. (Source: Codecheck )


“Whoever suffers from pain in the heart and is threatened with an attack of weakness from the heart, should immediately eat a sufficient amount of galangal and he will feel better. And a person who has a hot fever within him drinks galangal powder in spring water and it will quench the hot fever.”
Hildegard von Bingen

Galangal is a healing plant for relieving pain in the heart, stomach or bile. Galangal is considered the most universal heart remedy. It invigorates and activates immediately. A “must” for the kitchen for effective organ prevention.

Due to its spiciness, galangal has a warming effect on the organism - it is best chewed directly over the oral mucous membranes. Galangal always helps, both the sick and the healthy. It contributes to the normalization and relief of cardiac function. Dr. Hertzka counts galangal as one of the “miracle drugs”. (Source: )

Rosita de Cacao:

A special Mexican flower (Latin: Quararibea funebris , Azt. cacaoxochitl ), which, despite its name , cocoa florets, has no relationship to the cocoa plant. However, it has this name because it was usually used in combination with cocoa by pre-Columbian civilizations such as the Aztecs and Maya. Their images can be found on preserved drinking vessels from the Aztec period. It is said to have contributed to the taste, effect and foaming behavior of traditional cocoa drinks.

Golden ratio/Fibonacci series:

Underlying principle of harmonious succession. In 1202, the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci described the numerical ratio that approximates the number Phi as closely as possible. This sequence of numbers can be found everywhere in nature - for example in the growth of populations or in the arrangement of leaves.