Kakao Faltflyer

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Mehrseitige Information zu Geschichte, Nährwert, Zubereitung und Ritual. Verkauft wird NUR der Faltflyer. Das ganze Geschenkbundle findest du hier.

Dieser Flyer ist perfekt zum Verschenken an Klient:innen, Liebste und Kakao-Unerfahrene. 



Miau, Kakao - Safety Measures

Pure Kakao contains appreciable amounts of theobromine, which helps you to be more alert. However, the situation is different for our four-legged friends. Theobromine has a toxic effect on dogs and cats. Even a single ceremonial dose of 30 grams can be dangerous for our cuddly friends. Therefore, please take good care that your Kakao supply as well as your full Kakao cups are out of reach of dogs and cats. Thank you!