The Arhuaco - indigenous ceremonial cacao (limited)

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☀️ Wenn das Thermometer über 25°C klettert, können wir dir nicht versprechen, dass dein Kakao die Reise ungeschmolzen übersteht und heil bei dir ankommt.

Exclusive ceremonial cacao from the indigenous Arhuaco tribe in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia.

In the winter of 2021, we, Anka & Mischa, had the chance to visit the Arhuacos in northern Colombia , be with them and learn from their deeply connected culture.

What we didn't see coming at the time was the opportunity to purchase a limited number of cocoa beans of the original Businchari variation (translated: new beginning) during our visit.

I would like to share this gift with you here and give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the noble connection of polarities as it has always been lived by the Arhuaco. With this cocoa you receive the embodiment of a millennia-old mysticism and wisdom. In addition, by purchasing it you are helping to ensure that this culture can continue to thrive and blossom anew.

Part of the proceeds go to the FUNDACION ASOARHUACO to finance new tools for cocoa cultivation. The transmission and coordination of donations is handled by our partner Original Beans, represented locally by Jan Schubert.

Fabulous picture by Lia - Lia Lohrer Photography .